Easy App

Designed alongside Estate Agents

We know how computer techies love to make clever databases. Before we let them loose to develop the system, we spent a lot of time actually inside an Estate Agent's office. We wanted to know how things work. We wanted to know how we could make our product fit in to your environment without adding to your workload or creating a costly learning curve. Once we'd completed our 'time and motion' studies - we came up with the interface specification. Then we let the techies loose..!

Simple, fast and intuitive.

Our app is a simple 3 stage service that mimics the actions of your existing database software. You simply 'Cut and Paste' the details into Concept2View after you've put them into your own system

Easy Drag and Drop.

We've made this using the latest techniques for a better experience for you and your staff. One of our flagship features is the easy 'Drag and Drop' system. Drag photos in, drag them around. Simple!