HD Video Tours

Why embrace HD Video?

The way people experience communication is always changing. From text news print, to B&W Photos, to Colour Photos, to Websites and shared databases, people have come to expect information to be delivered to them using the best techniques. Those that don't keep up with this trend fall second place (if at all) to those that adopt and move with the times.

Concept2View is so much more than a tool to create videos

By creating dedicated YouTube videos and dedicated QR Codes, buyers and prospective vendors are given a more convenient, easier way to access your content. By requiring less viewer activity to recieve the content, there is a much greater opportunity for them to see it.

No extra workload or learning curve!

We've developed a system that compliments your existing administration procedures. Using the images you capture, the system creates the video using a dedicated Concept2View 'rendering cloud'. This video is then distributed to YouTube and to the portals such as 'Find A Property', 'Zoopla' 'House2View' and 'Right Move', etc. The interface to create HD Video Tours is intuitive and designed alongside every-day Estate Agents. It's all complimented with a complete set of training resources and support.

You are automatically supplied individual 'Print Ready' QR code artwork for News Papers, Window Cards and Forsale Boards - giving your viewers instant access to the information they want.

Our video creation tool was designed by a Professional TV Advertising company.

Their expertise in TV Advertising and web video marketing has helped us develop a tool that will produce professional HD Videos - without the user needing any knowledge of video production! It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3! We've avoided tacky video effects (suitable only for home-video recordings) or repetitive, emotionally controlling, cheap sounding music. We've delivered a tool that will create respectful videos quickly and with style!

Hosted by YouTube - the worlds biggest on-demand video site!

We've tried not to invent the wheel - that's why all our video content is hosted on a dedicated account at YouTube. The YouTube website has global reach and is the biggest, most supported and established video sharing / on-demand broadcasting web site / IP TV site. Their technical infrastructure is simply massive, meaning that your video will be fast and of the best quality afforded to the users tech. Put simply, YouTube offers an unparallelled on-demand High Def experience. For those using mobile phones (a majority using Google's Android mobile platform), YouTube is optomised to deliver the best quality content, scaled to the viewers connection and screen.

1080p High Definition video...

But just because the video is shared on a web site, it doesn't mean old '90s blocky video. The resolution is full 1080p High Definition and can be streamed to Blu-Ray Players, TV's, Virgin Media's TiVo service and infact any YouTube compatible internet connected device in full HD Broadcast Quality! Most modern consumer devices have this functionality built in as standard!